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Subscription Marketplace

UKs Largest Fitness Marketplace. Times FastTrack 100. Deloitte Fast 50.

πŸ‘ Vision: The Everything-Fitness-App.πŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS, B2B2C marketplace🌱 Stage: Β£ms revenue, double digit growth, EBITDA +ve❓What: Active leisure marketplace

Active esports

Fastest Growing Network of Physically Active Metaverse Arenas

πŸ‘ Vision: A global network of physical active eSports ArenasπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS, B2B2C, B2C🌱 Stage: Triple digit revenue growth, +ve EBITDA❓What: Installs and operates freeroam VR infrastructure into leisure and activity centres creating highly immersive active sport arenas of the future.

AI Agent Building Platform

Create and train Digital Humanoids that work for your business in sales or service

πŸ‘ Vision: Leading AI Agent building tool in Health and FitnessπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS + CPA🌱 Stage: Triple digit growth, EBITDA +ve❓What: A platform that enables any business to link their data and train conversational AI to become their best sales and service rep 24/7

Reverse Aging

Longevity bio-age assessments and reverse aging solutions

πŸ‘ Vision: The trusted brand for solutions to reverse agingπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS, B2B2C, B2C Subscription Marketplace🌱 Stage: Early, post revenue❓What: Wholistic bio-age assessments and marketplace app for science backed solutions to slow down and even reverse aging

Smart in Gym Boxing Solutions

The 'Peloton' of in gym boxing

πŸ‘ Vision: Leading platform for digital in gym experiencesπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS🌱 Stage: Β£ms Revenue, Triple digit growth, EBITDA +ve❓What: Digital boxing solutions, providing staff less group workouts and on gym floor boxing 'pods'


Build a team of AI Agents to sell like your best sales reps

πŸ‘ Vision: Leading Humanoid Sales platformπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS❓What: SaaS platform enabling simple creation and management of AI sales agents to execute the full sales cycle

B2B Virtual Fitness Platform

One of the global leading providers of white labelled virtual fitness

πŸ‘ Vision: The leading virtual fitness platform for gymsπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS + B2B2C🌱 Stage: Under Offer❓What: Virtual fitness platform integrated into gyms existing CRM enabling gyms to offer a marketplace of ondemand and live stream fitness content

Leading customer engagement software for fitness

Global leading software to increase customer engagement in gyms

πŸ‘ Vision: Leading customer engagement software in fitnessπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS🌱 Stage: SOLD❓What: Integrations into existing gym CRM enables risk of cancellation predictor and software to improve customer retention. Used by 1000s of gyms globally.

B2B Connected Fitness

Connected fitness solutions digitising the gym floor

πŸ‘ Vision: Leading connected fitness supplier to gymπŸŒ€ Model: B2B SaaS🌱 Stage: SOLD❓What: Smart consoles retro fitted to existing gym equipment to provide on gym floor gamification

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